additional icons for service section


You suggest in the services section that there are additional icons available at fontawesome. Thera are indeed. How do I add them to the spicepress please?


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  • Hi, @vernon

    You can add the fontawesome icons from the given icons in the dropdown or go to the site of fontawesome and select the icon of your choice from there in both Spicepress and Spicepress pro theme. See the screenshot.


  • Hello Rishabh,

    Thanks for confirming it can be done but my question is how do i actually add/ install an icon from their website in the spicepress theme?

    The icons I am interested in using do not appear in the dropdown menu in the spicepress pro.

    Also their state that the licence a theme developer has grants pro licence to buyers of the theme as well. That after I bought spicepress pro I should have the pro licence for fontawesome?


  • Hi,

    You need to copy the class of the particular icon from the fontawesome website. And paste that class in the icon text field.
    Sorry but we are not providing the pro license for fontawesome.
    If you have the pro license of fontawesome, we will provide the support for it.

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