Impossible to have the "last articles" apparence in homepage

With the PRO theme, in "general Homepage settings", the two radio button "last articles" and "static page" have a reversed behavior !

See picture.

I tried with both and "Publish" but it goes with the "static page" apparence (on the left screen in my picture).

I want the "last articles" apparence (on the right screen in my picture).

Please solve my problem.
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  • Hi 

    I am afraid I didn’t understand you. Can you please provide a bit more detail? So we can help you better.

    Let me clear you want to show only last one post in your homepage. if I am right to let me know.

    You can read more about static page and latest post here 


  • Hi,

    When I choose to show the "last articles", it shows the "static page".
    When I choose to show the "static page", it show the "last articles".
    Everytime I update the setting, my homepage displays the "static page" (even if I chose to show the "last articles" before).

    I did not have this problem with the free version.
  • Hi philippe6876

    1. kinldy create a home page and set the BUsiness template 

    2 Go to in your wp settings >> reading >>

    3. Set as the static page and select front page your home page 

    Now check your your site. if still its not work please share me your site url with static page.

    So we can check this and let you know.


  • I want to have the "last articles", not the "static page" ;).

    1. Created a home page with business template
    2. In WP settings > reading : Selected "a static page" an set my home page as article page.
    It's work but not the best solution.
  • Hi philippe6876

    Let me know you want to show your Single last article on the front page.

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    I think you didn't understand my problem in my first post.
    I'll try to explain better.
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    In WP settings > Apparence > Customize

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  • Currently the homepage of my site is like this, and I don't want this.
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  • I want to show the last articles, like this.

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  • So I go to the settings of the theme and I click on "homepage settings".
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  • The radio button of "last articles" is already checked but the homepage display is still the wrong page.
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  • I do not have this problem with the free version of spicetheme.
  • Hi 

    Sorry, really I did not clear what you exactly want.

    Download the attached given child theme and install and activate this.

    Now you can see your latest post in front page like your free spicepress theme.

    Let me know.

  • I tryed the radio button of "a static page" and it works.
    This is not a normal behavor.
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  • How can I call you and share my screen ?
  • What I want to say is there is a bug in the spicetheme PRO that is not in the free version of spicetheme.
  • Hi philippe6876

    Let me know did you try with given spicepress pro child theme. Once please activate child theme and let me know.

    This is not the bug in the theme we are showing front page directly in our pro theme version if you want to use functionality like our free theme you have to use child theme.


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    "Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

    Installation du thème…

    Ce thème nécessite un thème parent. Nous vérifions s’il est installé…

    Le thème parent n’a pas pu être trouvé. Vous allez devoir installer le thème parent, spicepress-pro-wordpress-theme, avant de pouvoir utiliser ce thème enfant.

    Le thème a bien été installé."

    Translation :

    Decompression of the archive of the extension ...

    Installing the theme ...

    This theme is a parent theme. We check if it is installed ...

    The parent theme was not found. You will need to install the parent theme, spicepress-pro-wordpress-theme, before you can use this child theme.

    The theme has been installed.

    Capture du 2018-08-07 12-54-28.png
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    I know that the PRO theme shows the front page by default ;).

    But didn't you see that the behavior of the radio buttons is not correct ?
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    Hi philippe6876

    Please share your site admin deatils on my email id

    We will do this for you.

  • I sent you an email.

    What I want is just a theme that works perfectly.
    The PRO version is worse than the free version for me.
  • I found a fix.

    Please correct this in the next update.

    I created a new ticket to explain the problem.

    You can close this one.
  • You can close this ticket. Thanks !
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