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I upgraded the SpicePress theme to the Pro version 2.3.
I see on the theme description page - https://spicethemes.com/spicepress/ that the theme has 1-click install feature.
But I could not find it after upgrading to Pro.

Please say me how to find '1-click install' button and how to achieve the view of demo pages like on https://demo.spicethemes.com/?theme=SpicePress.

Thank you, Lena


  • even I myself problem
  • Hi Gumaccc, Venerespa

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

    There is some issue on the one-click installer, due to the server issue, we are working on this and as soon as possible we update this feature, but this time you can do it following steps:

    To import from a WordPress export file into your website follow these steps.

    1. First of all download spicepressspicethemescom.wordpress.2018-05-08.xml file refer following link: https://files.fm/u/k82s757r#_

    2. Now Go to Tools =>Import

    3. Click on“WordPress” from the list.

    4. After clicking on WordPress you will see a popup of WordPress Importer. You need to install WordPress Importer for uploading XML file. Now click on “Install Now” Button then activate your plugin.

    5. Now you can Upload the download spicepressspicethemescom.wordpress.2018-05-08.xml file, then click on “Upload file and Import” button.

    6. You will be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user. You will then have the choice to import attachments, so click on the “Download and import file attachments” check-box and click on “Submit” button.

    7. Import xml file then go to Menus (Theme Dashboard >> appearance >> Menus) and check primary menu and Save Menu button.

    8. Following above steps then check your website.

    You can also be following similar article: 

    Any Confusion lets me know.

  • in the import phase of the xml file it gave me a series of errors, I do not understand if I have everything active,
    this is the site: https://gallery.rosamariasuarez.it We bought with "venerespa" account, for example to manage the photogallery I do not see the plug-in
  • Hi @venerespa, ;

    Please check your mail, We have mentioned its answer in the mail.

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