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We are loving the new theme but seem to have a problem with the slider when viewed on an iPhone after a redirect. The site is located at and we also have another URL that redirects to this site from the ISP. That URL is When you enter the address into the safari browser on the IPhone the page works and when you enter it does not - the slider appears to crash.

Any ideas?




  • As we noticed, the issue occurs most probably due to your installed SlideDeck plugin. Please try again after deactivating the SlideDeck plugin and other plugins also if the issue not resolved.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the response. I deactivated the slidedeck and all of the other plugins that are not currently being used and it did not resolve the issue. Is there something else I should try?
  • Hello, I'm still having this same issue. I would like to fix it within the WordPress/Theme settings if possible. Any more suggestions?
  • Hi, @stucker

    Sorry for the delay in reply!

    Actually, the issue happens due to using iframe redirect method. It's not the issue related to the theme. Only if your purpose is to load the content of another server, you can do it via changing the "nameservers" of your domain for another site's "nameservers".

    Means in your case, loading the content of a site
    Instead of doing changes in HTML and using iframe redirect method to redirect your site, you can do to set the same "nameservers" of to the, that will give you the same sense of site redirect. For this, you can contact your server administrator to change "nameservers" of your domain: to "nameservers" of

    Let me know if any confusion.

  • Hi, @stucker

    Does the above solution was helpful to you!
  • We will be trying this solution later this week. I'll let you know if it works.
  • That seems to have done the trick. Thank you.

  • Glad to help you @stucker

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