Change Color / Header & Footer

Hi, I want to ask, how can I change the color on the spice theme in the footer and header.

Look here: image

The dark color, I want to change, but I don´t know...

Can you help me?


  • Now here the images...

  • Hi hauenstein

    Thanks for contacting us.

    We have added the setting for change header and footer background color in the latest theme version 2.6.1 .

    So kindly upgrade your theme package with the latest version.

    Please follow the below help article to upgrade the theme package.

    After update the theme Go to Wp-dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings

    Here you can find the background color setting of header and footer, save the setting then check your website.

    Let me know for further help.

  • Thanks for the update and answer, great!
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