Mobile version is able to scroll right onto blank cork board

when using mobile version, it allows users to scroll vertically to the right. There is no content just the background image of cork board.


  • Hi lbaptista

    We have already fixed scroll issue in mobile devices with the latest theme version 2.6.2. So please update your theme package on spicetheme member dashboard area. 

    Now you can download the latest version 2.6.2 and upgrade your theme package.

    Let me know your issue resolved after update theme.

  • updated and issue still persist.
  • Hi lbaptista

    We have checked your site in our end there is no scroll in mobile. Its looks good in our end please clear your browser cache and let me know.

    Kindly take a look in screenshot


  • Hi lbaptista

    Did your issue resolved?

    If you allow can we close this ticket


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