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I cannot get the Contact Page to work. Even in the published Version, the contact form is not shown and the Shortcode for the map does not work either.

Thank you for help.


  • Please create a page for contact and set "Contact page" template to it. You can follow this tutorial link: HERE

    Regarding set google map on the contact page please refer this LINK

    Let me know if it is useful!


  • Let me know if any update or further need any assistance!

  • Hi imraz,,

    thank you for your help, I cannot try it out immediately. I hope that I can tell you until this evening whether the solution worked.
  • High imraz,

    the solution worked perfectly. I did not understand that I had to install the two additional plug-ins. Now, the form is online, Google Maps does not work because of problems with my API-key. There is an error message displayed when the map loads. I will try to settle it with the Information pages about API keys.

  • Glad to help you!

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    Thanks for contacting us :)
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