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In homepage setting We want to set my displayed services as a slider. And We want to show my portfolios at a time which is by default in slider mode. Please help.


  • There are total of 9 images like these but at a time it is showing only 3. I want to increase the number of images shown at a time in this slide show.
    1286 x 535 - 631K
  • Also, We only want to show 3 clients but the same client is repeating.
  • Hi, @metnmat

    Thanks for contacting us!

    You asked many queries in a single discussion thread. Please create separate threads for each. 

    We recommend you to add at least 6 clients so slider works as it's default.

    However, to overcome this you need to add a custom file in the child theme. If yet not created any child theme just Download this child theme and upload to your WordPress's theme folder. 

    In case if you already running the child theme then just create a file in your child theme with name index-client.php & edit it, then paste the code in it from the link otherwise just add my above-given child theme only & it already has custom index-client.php

    Let me know did it work!

  • Do I need to activate the child theme?
  • Hi, @metnmat

    Yes it need to activate your child theme to see new added changes.

    Maybe we would not be able to reply you on the time for your more queries because of our TEAM on HOLIDAY of DIWALI FESTIVAL till 11-nov-2018.


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