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Help, I need help with something if you look at the screenshot downstairs you see one service downstairs. Is it possible to have the services ordered next to each other with a slider or something?


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  • Hi blueonline

    Service in slider format required much code customization.  It's beyond the scope of our theme support.

    One thing is possible you can show the services in four column layouts like the below screenshot

    If you want to the service like screenshot then let me know.

  • Hi,

    That is exactly what I want, is it also possible to make the columns a little bit wider.


  • Hi blueonline

    Ok for this we have to customize the code so kindly download and install the below spicepress-pro-child-theme. 

    After activating the child theme kindly add the below css code in Additional css box.

    .service-section .row .col-md-3{
        padding-right: 5px;
        padding-left: 5px;

    Let me know did it work.


  • Hello Sir,

    It works! I am very satisfied with your services. Send me the link to review you.

    Thank you!
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  • Hi blueonline

    Glad to know it worked for you. If you like our theme and help kindly share your feedback: 

    If you have any query, please let me know.

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