Font Management

Hello, my problem is, that the font management from the theme "typography settings" does not function. no font chancing, anything i do has no effect, no font size or family or style changing. i enabled costum typography. how can what must i do? thank for your support, michael


  • At our end, Theme with version 2.6.2 working fine for typography. Can you please share your site URL or the version number of the theme you are running. 

  • I am runnig Vers. 2.6.1...sharing the url is not possible in the moment, because intern routing...

  • Please update your PRO theme to the latest version. You can follow our tutorial to update your PRO theme.

    Let me know if then again you face typography issue.

  • I have updatet... following your tutorial. Now my additional CSS is away and all things what i have chanched till now. many work is away, its a big shit! the only positiv thing is, that the fontmanagement works now.
  • edited February 2019

    In the tutorial, we have already mentioned a notice banner on the top about the high recommendation to keep a backup of your current site before updating your theme. You could ask us if you had any doubt.

    Thanks for contacting us!
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