Second title service section

Hi to everyone,

Is possible to split i 2 different rows the title section on the service post?

As u could see from the attachment, the red box is for the actual title. 
Is possible to create a second row (under the on of the title, the "red box"), and, in this new row, id like to write in a different font size.

1) title
2) sub title (smaller font size)
3) normal text for description.
Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 16.03.58.png
2880 x 1800 - 1M


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    Hi, @toffa97

    Download this file ( ) and place it in the child theme folder of the SpicePress PRO theme. Now to fill the title field of the service should be like in this pattern: 

    Easy to <br><span>use</span>

    * <br> tag work to break the link
    * <span> tag treats as your second title with different font size. You even can change its color.

    Must have to paste the custom CSS in the WordPress's Additional CSS:

    /*service section*/
    .entry-title span{
    font-size: 16px;
    /*service section*/

    Let me know did it work!

  • Any update?
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