Hello ,

Can I have the CSS code for that separator (in the screenshot) to put in an other page.

And can you say me if you can where can I find that in the template?

Thank you, Best REgards.

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  • Hi adiags

    Kindly let me know where you want to add this separator so we assist you better. IF you want to another place then you can add below HTML code. 

    <div class="widget-separator"><span></span></div>

    Let me know.

  • hi,

    Its very good, thank you for your help.

    I just have a little question, where can I find this in the spicepress html public folder?

    thank you!
  • Hi adiags

    Glad to know its working for you!

    You can find this in index-services.php file inside the theme folder.

    Let me know for further help.


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