Unexplained layout and colour changes...


The layout of our site homepage and the appearance of some of the text content in other pages has changed.

There have been no changes made by us at all, so we have no explanation for this.  All of the content and settings in the theme customization are as we set them.  The exception being I could not find the testimonial background image (it was no longer in the media library). 

I have downloaded the latest version of Spicepress Pro (2.7.8) and installed that in a separate folder, but the layout errors still appear (the content is the normal lorem ipsum gibberish...).

In summary the nice clean layout and feel of the Spicepress theme is not there and some of the text size/font/colouring has changed.

The most visible problems we can identify are:  
Header in the services section are no longer centre justified (no way to adjust alignment in the theme); 
The "icons" in the portfolio section are now spread across the page 
The testimonial section is completely broken - the text content does not show and the images are way oversized.  This section has been disabled.
The text content in the Contact Us widget in the footer has changed colour.

The currently identified problems in the content pages are all some version of a font colour and/or size change.  

Our website is: www.supamaxbeads.com.au

Can anyone provide some insight into explaining how these changes occurred and more importantly, how to rectify them (unfortunately we did not have a backup of the site since the pro theme was applied)?

NOTE:  I have also activated the non-pro Spicepress theme.  While the content is not all up to date, the layout and functionality of the homepage sections appears to work properly...



  • Hi, @mpmandroid

    Hope you have successfully placed the theme file to the folder with name "spicepress-pro" and if using the child theme then it would be placed to the folder with name "spicepress-pro-child-theme"

    If you further face the issue, first please try to check after deactivating your active plugins one by one, after clearing the browser cache.

    Let me know did it work!

  • Hi Imraz,

    Thank you for your help.  The site seems to have returned to normal after deactivating all plugins.   Now to re-activate one by one to find out who is to blame for the mischief...

  • Glad to help you!

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    Thanks for contacting us :)
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