Display problem on cell phone

On the computer, my website menu looks fine, from right to left. 
But when I open the website on my cell phone, the menu appears in the wrong way. Instead from top to bottom, it appears from the bottom to the top. How can I fix it?

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  • Hi, @joe007

    Thanks for contacting us!

    It's strange. Can you share us your site URL so that we can check the same on the cell phone?

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    Hi, @joe007

    Install Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin and  Add JS Code from this LINK.

    Let me know did it work!

  • I downloaded the plugin, but I cant insert the code in the Add JS code,

    it says that it is available only in simple custom CSS and JS pro.
  • Just do like this in screenshot: http://prntscr.com/mwap01
  • I tried, but than this happen:


    You don't have permission to access /******** on this server.

  • Hi, @joe007

    This issue is related to file permission of the server. You can contact the server administrator for the same.

    Another way you can achieve using the Code Snippet plugin. Add THIS piece of code in the plugin. If still not resolved, please you can share your admin details to allow us to add this change at our end. Email Address: er.imrajkhan@gmail.com

  • Hi,

    I sent you an email with my admin details
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    Hi, @joe007

    This is not any type of issue. Its just your server need access permission to make any changes into your files. Either use the FTP account to access to make any changes in your theme's folder files or contact to the server administrator to change folder access permission of your WordPress site.

    Let me know if further need any assistance!

  • Hi,

    What kind of access permission do I need?  is it 774, 667 or 444?
  • Hi, @joe007

    You can try either 775 or 777

    For more, refer this link

    However, please consult with your server administrator further for the proper permissions.

  • Ok thank you. Doing the PUBLIC_HTML folder in 775 permission expose the DB and password files to breakthrough?
  • I've  successfully added the JS code like you suggested, but it didn't fixed the menu display problem on the cell phone

  • Hi, @joe007

    I have checked the JS code is working fine. Maybe it happened that the JS code would not get loaded correctly by the plugin. Try once to add JS code directly in the footer.php file. 

    Add THIS custom JS after editing the file footer.php file like THIS

  • Hi,

    I tried, it didn't work, this happened : Something went wrong. Your change may not have been saved. Please try again. There is also a chance that you may need to manually fix and upload the file over FTP 
  • Thank you. Its working now
  • Glad to help you!

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