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I'm sorry, but i have another question to the logo :l


Is something like that possible?

(the background should be transparent not white, i did it fast in paint for showing what i mean)

Thank you very much!



  • Hi  optikknopik

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Your query is a part of layout customization beyond the scope of our theme support. 

    It's required much code customization. 

    For this, you need to hire a developer to do it.

    Let me know for more assistance.

  • And angain.... -.-'

    Can you please give me that solution, too?


    Big Thanks!!!
  • Hi optikknopik

    Kindly add the site title in your online site http://rapaddikted.de/wordpress/  and after let me know so we can give you the custom css code for this layout.


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    should be done, i added the code in the default css, too.

    the header text is <h1> and <p>

    I would like to have it in ubuntu (same as in the navbar) and black without changing h1  and p in the body.

    Thank you, you're fast and helpful!!
  • Hi,

    i solved it with code in custom css:

    .site-title { 
    font-size: 22px !important;
      font-family: Ubuntu !important;

    .site-description {
    font-size: 25px !important;
      font-family: Ubuntu !important


    but i'm to stupid to change the color of the font.... it should be black...

  • Hi optikknopik

    For change the site title color kindly add the below css code in Additional css box.

    .site-title a, .site-title a:hover {
        color: #0d0909; 

    If your issue resolved can we close this ticket.


  • Hi, 

    thank you, we can close this
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    Hi optikknopik

    Glad to know it worked for you. If you like our theme and help kindly share your feedback: 

    We highly appreciate if you kindly take a few minutes to give us your feedback.

    If you have any query, please let me know.

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