How can I translate projects (portfolio) ?

Hello, I need some help here.

I can*t figure out how to add translations of the projects, so that the home page shows in the porfolio texts correctly. I'm using polylang. I tried to find the project strings in dashboard -> languagues -> string translations, but they are not there. Also cannot find translation of the project categories.

I*m using spicepress pro version 2.8.1

It might be related: there are warnings whenever I change something at the projects, see attachment

Any help will be highly apprechiated!

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  • It's strange to see the errors you are facing. Can you try to check after disabling the other plugins except for the PolyLang plugin?

    If you can't able to see the searched sting at dashboard -> languagues -> string translations, then try to edit text/content of that respective part from its settings and save it. Then after again try to search the string in dashboard -> languagues -> string translations

    Let me know did it work!

  • Hello imraz

    thanks for you message. I did as you proposed, disabled all plugins, and changed some project content. Unfortunately nothing changed, the warning still was there, and there are no portfolio texts in the string translations (other texts are there)

    What else can I try in order to get the portfolio translated?

    best, Constanze
  • Please also confirm Polylang settings for the custom post type, refer to this screenshot:
  • Thanks imraz, that did the trick!
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