Slider image is cropped and dark


I'm having trouble with my slider, the image looks cropped and dark (I removed the titles and description, since there is no option for blank/image only slider).

Attached image for clarification.

1341 x 1400 - 236K


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    Hi, @mrssammartino

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    To force shrink the wider image for adjustment would not let keep the image ratio same and that's why to maintain image ration it gets cropped. Please upload an image of lower dimension in width approx. 1200px for box layout to overcome this.

    However, to remove the dark effect i.e. overlay on the image you can remove from its settings. Refer this LINK

    Let me know if any confusion!

  • Hi imraz,

    I don't think this slider will work for me, and now I'm looking for a more complete sollution, like smartslider3.

    I've tried to change the home.php file and no success.

    Where do I have to insert the new slider code for it to substitute the current one?

  • Hi, @mrssammartino

    Yes, you can use Smart Slider 3 slider. Disable your theme's slider and at SpicePress PRO hooks ( Appearance=>SpicePress PRO hooks ) place your Smart Slider 3  slider shortcode.

    You can show your Smart Slider 3 slider before/after to any sections of the homepage.

    Let me know if any confusion!

  • Thanks! Works like a charm :)
  • Glad to help you!

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