Several Issues


many thanks for the great theme. I have several questions and I found some issues in the template. I developed localy under MAMP. Currently you will find the page under

  1. Slider stops after second picture.
  2. Sidbar widget has just 41.67% width instead of 100% on a screen resolution between 992px to 768px. This just occurs on standard tempate pages. On spicepress template pages is fine.
  3. Linked project catecory pages shows the last project item on breadcrumbs and not the project category. Further I want to change the name of the permalinks to a german name. How? Moreover I cannot order the project items in a way a want. This is also the case for the portfolio tabs.
  4. Subtitles on member section pages link is missing.
  5.  I want a permanent overlay over the slider with transparent background in h1 and h2
  6. I followed your instructions to get a search icon in main menu. For that I changed the searchform.php in my child theme. It works fine on desktop pages. But below 1100px I need to click twice on the hamburger button to see the search field. Below 676px there is no search field. How can I solve this?
Many thanks advance.
Greetings from Germany,

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-21 um 13.36.33.png
1278 x 660 - 1M


  • Hi, @andreasguenthet

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Never bundled up the multiple queries in a single thread. For slider, its working fine at our end. Try to check after disabling your active plugins one by one with the cleared browser cache memory. Let me know if found any such plugin causes that.

  • Hi Imraz,

    thank you for your answer. Meanwhile I found a solution for (4.) in the discussion.
    I will continue with seperate contributions.

    Andreas Bernd Günther

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