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I am new to Wordpress so please bear with me, I am still getting use to this environment. One problem I've been facing is accessing the customization tools that are available for the Homepage on my other pages i.e., Contact, About, etc.. I am on the upgraded Pro version and I suspect that these customization tools should be extended to other pages as well? How do I access these features when I'm customizing those pages? Thanks!


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    Hi sbrowacademy

    Thanks for contacting us.

    We have little confusion regarding your issue, Pls more clear about your issue. 

    Kindly share your site url and screenshot where you are facing the issue in About and Contact page.

    So that we can assist you better. 


  • Hi prajapati, thanks for getting back to me.

    My issue is that I cannot add custom Spice Theme sections to my About and Contact pages. For example, on my Homepage I can edit or remove sections of the page including the "Portfolio Settings", "Testimonial Settings", "Gallery Settings", "Team Settings", etc... I want to be able to add and edit these sections in my other pages as well i.e., my About and Contact pages. How can I do this - I assume upgrading to Pro would allow me greater flexibility in customizing the entire website and not just the Homepage right?

    My website is @ but it has not yet launched.

    The attached screenshot shows my Gallery page and the customize panel - but I'm unable to locate any "Add Sections" option to perhaps include a "Gallery Section" with "Gallery Settings" specific to this page. 

    1388 x 1424 - 1M
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    Hi sbrowacad

    We have currently not provided the different setting for add testimonial, team, and gallery etc for About and another page.

    This is not possible with current code. So if you familiar with HTML markup then we can provide a solution.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hello prajapati

    I also expected that this will be possible with the pro version, so I was a bit disappointed that wasn't the case.

    I think it will be better if options for adding customizable spice theme sections in any order to any page whose contents may or may not be different from that on the homepage.

  • I expected the same. Doesn't seem so flexible as advertised... also paid PRO user.
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