Convert Team section into Portfolio section

Hi !

I would like to convert the Team section to make it look like the Portfolio section.

If someone can help me that would be perfect :)


  • Hi, @sigma-ip57

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Can you please share your site URL. And if possible share a screenshot of a particular section you want to convert.
    Either you want the images like portfolio section or the content. Please more clear by the screenshot.
    So we can take a closer look and assist you better.



    In the screenshot you will see the part i want to convert in portfolio (Images + Content).
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    To do this, you have to use custom code and disable team section.
    Go to Appearance >> Customize >> SpicePress PRO hooks and in Before Team Section, paste this code:

    Note: Change the content you want from the code. It is an HTML code so you can change it.

    And then refer to this screenshot and paste this code there:

    I hope it will work for you.

    Let me know for any confusion!


  • Hi, 

    It works , the portfolio part appear but now the part under dissapear.

    I took a screenshot to make you understand the problem.
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  • Hi,

    Please see the screenshot and let us know.

  • Im working on it right now sorry,

    you can see the problem now i did what you told me to do.
  • I already convert the gallery part in a portfolio part but i need 3 portfolio part in my site.
  • Hi,

    Yes you can do this but for this you have to use different id in js code which i was provided to you.
    Refer to this screenshot. And then you have to change this id in html code also.
    I hope you can understand what i want to say.
    If you are facing difficulty to do this then please share your admin details at my mail id:

  • Hi, 

    Now everything work perfectly , thank you so much for your help !
  • Hi,

    Glad to help you!

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