Page editor in 5.2.2 suddenly broken with Spicebox enabled

edited July 2019 in SpicePress Pro
I have used the Spricepress Pro theme on a website, as well as Spice Box and have been very happy with the functionality and customisation features. I don't know if the user has done something (they seem to be very good at breaking things), but all of a sudden the page editor is completely broken. It loads briefly then dies with a "The editor has encountered an unexpected error" error. Copying the error shows -

TypeError: Cannot read property 'raw' of undefined
    at (<anonymous>)

The trace mentions spicebox, and disabling this plugin does allow the editor to function as normal.

I'm not really sure what to do here other than try and restore an old backup, but I'd rather not do that and it's entirely possible whatever triggered this could happen again


  • Hi, @unitron

    Thanks for contacting us!

    It is the error of new version of Wordpress, not of our theme or Spice box.
    You can see this link. Please use Classic Editor plugin to remove this error.
    Go to plugins >> Add new and search Classic editor. Install and activate it.
    And then you can easily edit and add new pages.

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