Adding Services content to a different page?

On the main homepage there is 3 boxes I use for "What We Offer". Is it possible to have those boxes also on another page where i can edit the content?
I have a page called Services that i will link those boxes on the homepage to the Services page which will have more detail but in those boxes but also text outside of the boxes.
Hope this makes sense.
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    Hi, @eflegg88

    You have to add new template to show different services on sub page. Follow the below steps:

    1. Create a child theme, ignore if already existing.
    2. Create a file template-service2.php file, open and paste this code:
    3. Save and activate it.

    After this, you can add new services from the code of this file. Refer to this screenshot

    Now create a new page and assign this template Other Services.

    Let me know for any confusion!

  • Hi - there is only the following file that i can create - template/template-service.php
    Will this one work too? There is no template-service2.php.
  • Hi,

    Yes template/template-service.php is already there in the theme.
    I have told you to create a child theme first and then create a file template-service2.php in a child theme folder.
    After creating a file in child theme follow the steps given in last comment.

    Let me know for any confusion!


  • Thats great - i have figured that out now and have the boxes on the page.
    it looks as though it is pulling in the text on top of the page from the home page Servies section. Is it possible to change this in the file editor? See screenshot.

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  • Hi,

    Yes it is possible to change text in the file editor.
    For text on the top of the page, refer to this screenshot.

    And to enter the text after the boxes, refer to this screenshot.

    Let me know for any confusion!


  • When i remove those lines i just get this on the page...

    "The site is experiencing technical difficulties."
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    Sorry it's my mistake. Please remove the line no.40(<?php } ?>) also. See this screenshot.

  • No problem.
    Excellent that has worked!
  • Hi,

    Glad to help you!

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    Thanks :)
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