Click on page and change shows old template/old css

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Hi Imraz,

I changed some things in my theme but I have the old issue back with the header, what I had a year ago: old css shows instead of adjustments.
I followed your steps but issue still remains. What can I do?


Claudia | Cijfermaat
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    I have a custom css plugin to make it easier, but that does not help.
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    Hi, @volana

    Please let us confirm by this screenshot, do you want like the screenshot.

  • No, like this:
    It does not have that yellow bar over the header like in your screenshot. 
  • Hi,

    The screenshot which you have sent above and your site looks same as you can see in this screenshot.
    Can you please let us know what exactly you want.

  • yes, but your previous screenshot was with a yellow bar, so the prevent misunderstandig I resent it ;)
    That's how I want it yes. Did you notice that on your screenshot it has a yellow bar?
  • I don't know if you understandmy issue. I explain again. How it looks on my website is perfect. BUT.... when you click on the menu or posts it shows very briefly the OLD CSS. That's the problem. That should not happen. 
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    I want to show in a little movie shot, so you see what I mean:
  • Did anyone have time to check the video out so you can see the problem? I am really puzzled about it. 
  • I changed it now and removed the so origin css widget, but it still shows a little flickering.
  • Hi,

    Please see this screenshot and let us know do you want like this.

  • The color is different in your screenshot, it doesnt need a layer of some kind. I just want how it is now: but without the flickering when I click on a page. The flickering happens because it calls the old css which seems hardcoded. 
  • Hi,

    Your subscription is over now. So if you need further support then you have to buy again to get the premium support and updated theme for one more year.

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