Slider behavior

I'm only using one image for the Hero/Slider setting. When browsing on a mobile device, if I swipe the image, it will change to a duplicate of the same image, as if it is loading a new image. Is it possible to disable swiping, so this will just be a static image?


  • Hi, @encausticcello

    For this change you need to replace the JS script of the slider. Follow the below steps for the same:

    1. Go into your theme's directory i.e. Innofit/js and then create a new file with the name of slide-custom.js and add THIS code.
    2. Install and activate the Code Snippets plugin and paste THIS code in it. ( Screenshot  )

    Let me know for any confusion!

  • Thanks Amit. Would it be ok to put the PHP code somewhere in the Innofit Hooks? I'd prefer this, so I wouldn't have to install an extra plugin.
  • Hi,

    If you don't want to use any extra plugin then you can paste this code at very last in the functions.php file located in main theme directory. However, we recommend to use the code snippet plugin for the same. ( Screenshot )

  • Is your problem resolved?
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