Problem with Service Page

I Have a problem, that my text at the service-area on startpage is not the same as the service-page.

At another discussion, I read that in version 2.6.2 the problem is solved. But I have only version version 2.6.1 and in my dashboard is no button to update my spicepress.

Please help me, I hope you understand, what I mean. 


  • Hi, @hauenstein

    You need to download the latest package of PRO version from your account. Install the latest version via following the link carefully. 

    For your kind information, please keep a backup before updating. It's much better if you upload the latest theme package to a new folder. After confirmed successful activation of your new theme version, you can go for a delete of your old existing theme version.

    Let me know for further assistance!

  • Hi, thanks for your fast answer.

    Thats not the best solution but, when I install the new version with new name of folder, so a lot of my website setting / designs are gone away and not anymore like before. is there no other easy way? So in the future with every update my structure would be different, logos gone, texts gone.... It is better, to update the version without structural changes.
  • News, I solved it ... :-)
    uploaded the new theme version via ftp and then renamed the old version, and given the new version the same folder-name as the old one. and immediately everything was fine! Great

  • Thanks for pointing that out! I missed this.

    Glad to know you successfully updated the theme.

    You can rate us with your kind review if you like our Theme and Support.

    Thanks for contacting us :)
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