Recustomize Homepage after Db Restore

I was hacked twice and had to restore/reimport my wpress database each time to get my site up and running again. Each time I reimport my wp db I lose the customiser homepage values and have to reconfigure the homepage again. Seems the template takes the static values from the php files rather than the values in the db. 
I dont want to have to reconfigure the homepage again when I move website to a new provider soon.  How can I force php file to read the customiser homepage values from the db. (I can see previous revisions of my customisations are still there in the db).


  • Some thing has done wrong, other wise it could not be happened after importing the same database would not bring up the same website data. We even tested about it and it's a generic feature of all websites. We could help you if you tell some more about if you have done while exporting or importing the database.

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