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Hi, i have changed the color of my menu for mobile. Bc when you open it on mobile it shows as a dropdown. 
But if i have a bigger mobile or for example a tablet, there is a area where it shows still the same color like before. 
You can see it on the screenshot. 

Is there a possibility to remove that with css or sommething? 
in my current additional css is this: .navbar-custom, .navbar-custom{
    background-color: rgba(237, 95, 75, 1);
@media (max-width: 991px) {
.navbar-collapse, {
                background-color: rgba(127, 126, 130, 1) !important;
.navbar-transparent {

Thanks for your help. 

Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-28 um 00.26.28.png
903 x 1088 - 890K


  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    If possible share your website URL, SO that we can take a look and assist you better.

  • edited November 2019
    We have got your website url from screenshot .
    I have checked your website you did not activate our Innofit Plus theme.
    Right now you have activated Hello Elementor Theme. See the screenshot.
    Kindly  activate our theme and let us know.


  • Hi 
    Are you still facing issue ?
    Did your query resolve ?

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