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I was going through the help files and it refers to the General Settings containing Header Presets, Sticky Header, Search settings, etc, but when I go to my General Settings, I only have the four (Breadcrumb, Ribon, Scroll To Top, Footer).  Is this a change, or am I actually missing something?
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  • Hi 
    Thanks for purchasing our theme.
    You are using older version of theme pls update theme with latest verison . 
    We have added three setting ( Header Presets, Sticky Header, Search) in latest version.

  • Hi
    Oops, we have checked version on a member account till now we don't upload latest version having 3 additional General setting .
    These 3 settings of General settings were under testing. Now these are tested and we will release a new update today and inform you.
    Sorry for your inconvenience.

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    Where do I get an updated version?  When I go to updates in my Wordpress admin area, it isn't listed.  I am currently using 1.1
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    We have uploaded latest version.
    Now you can download latest version 1.3 , enjoy with the features we have added.
    Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi,

    Tried to update to 1.3 but there is no update?

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    Hi @pbvanersborg
    Never post your query in other client ticket bz it creates complexity to handle better support query.
    So always open new ticket for your own query.
    We have again cross-checked  uploaded 1.3 version successfully.
    @info_alphabits-org  Did you download latest version 1.3 of HoneyPress Pro theme ?

    Let us know for any confusion.


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