Is it possible change Slider Imagem for a Video?

Hello, I'm asking if is it possible to change the image for a video.

I know the option already exist but it requires an image. I want only a video.
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    Thanks for contacting to us.
    To add video in slider for this, you need to use  Smart Slider 3 plugin. Download and install the plugin from this link.
    After this follow the given below instruction care fully.
    Firslty off the default spicepress slider Go to Customizing ▸ Homepage section settings

    Slider settings

    Off the slider .
    Then Click on Smart slider   Tab >> ADD NEW SLIDE >> Give slider name >> Then add video in slider .

    Then copy the shortcode indicated inside the snapshot .
    Finally  edit the index-slider.php file located in  your theme folder.
    Open it and past the copied slider code in top of file.
    More help see the snapshot. 
    Let me know for any confusion.

    Hope I made my point clear.

  • You made your pont clear. I understanded everything but the problem is that the video doesnt autoplay.

    My point is that people come to my site and the video plays automatically
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    To make slider auto play.
    Click on smartslider tab >> Click on auto play menu  >>click on enable menu .
    More help see the snapshot

    Let  me know for any confusion.
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    Did the above solution work for you ?

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    We haven’t heard from you all in a while so I’ll close this thread for now. Feel free to open a new thread if you have any troubles in the future.

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