Other Forms on other pages

Hi, I need forms other than the contact form on other pages - however, when I don't use the contact-page template they are not layouted and designed accoring to the overall style -what can I do to make the other forms look like the one on the contact page?


  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Let us know which plugin are you using for  adding form on other pages.
    If possible also share your website url,So that we can take a look and assist you better.

  • thanks a lot! you find the page at https://www.agiler-mittelstand.com/erstberatung/. the plugin I'm using is wpforms.
  • Hi 
    If you want form exactly like contact page form. You need to use  contact form7 plugin that is also freely available on wordpress.org repository.

    Let me know for further assistance.


  • Ok, if it has the same feature, then I will use that. Thanks!
  • HI 
    Okay, feel free to contact further.

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