updated from SpicePress to SpicePress Pro

Hello, I have updated from SpicePress to SpicePress Pro. Now how do I activate Spice Press Pro without having to set up the whole page again? I have put a lot of effort into the "basic page" and I don't want to have to create everything again.


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    Thanks for purchasing our theme.
    Your post and pages data remains same. Only for home page section data you need to set again.
    Bz in pro theme we have managed home page section data via custom post type.
    To set up content in our theme read theme help docs link.

    Feel free for further assistance.


  • The "home page section" was the one that caused the most effort. Can I cancel my purchase? Thanks
  • Hi @nagelbestattungen
    ALL settings and Post /page contents remains same. 
    Your Home  service section, latest news section  data also remains same. 
    Only Your slider and Portfolio content you  need to set again. If you  have problem to set  content again in Pro theme for home page. 
    Pls send your WordPress admin detail at my email address.

    Hope I made my point clear. 

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