NavBar - Menu is overlead form thinks under, when it is opened

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with a click on the NavBar the menue behind is opened, but than it is overlayed by think under it, maybe the slider picture.
The happend with the change from version v.2.7 to v.3.0. Unfortunately i don't have the version 2.7 to check it against.

This also happend in the Customizer Mode (live view of changes, click on tablet or phone) on the PC .It is not depending on the browser (safari, chrome) I used.

my page :

Sometimes, after several try's , the menue behind is shown, but I can't close it again.
best regurads
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    Hi @rsvadmin,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    To do this, Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS and add the given below custom CSS code:

        height: auto !important;

    I hope it will work for you!

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    Hey Dev,

    thank you, for the fast response (at the weekend).

    With your solution, the menu appears only for 0.5 sec. tested at may PC windows10 and the chrome browser
    But with the edge browser there is no problem at all.

    With may iphone X  (iOS 13.3.1) , i have the same behavior as at may PC with the chrome browser and the safari browser.

    I made further tests, now may wife is back.
    On the iphone7 there is also no problem at all, iOS 13.3.1 , safari browser.

    I still published your changes.

    best reguards 

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  • Hey,

    update, I cleared all the caches (safari,chrome) on the devices (PC,Iphone X) , now all is running well.

    Best reguards
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