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When using innofit plus plugin: Homepage section settings -> About settings is not responding. We can not change the image or edit the text. We updated everything en reinstalled couple of times. Still not working. Both on the innofit and innofit child theme. 

Besides that same story with editing the hero settings. 
But when we deactivate the innofit plus plugin. Than is possible to edit it. But the About settings still not responding....

Can you help us out?

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    I have checked our theme and plugin at our end its working fine at our end.
    To manage home page about us section, Refer below link.

    Let me know which version of theme and plugin  are you using .
    And also deactivate all plugin and activate only innofit plug bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme.
    If still need you further assistance, feel free for further assistance.

  • Hi Akhilesh, 

    Thanks for you reply. We used this theme one year ago for a other website and it worked fine. But now with the new website we have this problem. 

    These are the versions
    Innofit Child theme 1-1
    Innofit Plus plugin version 2.2.1
    SpiceBox plugin version 1.2
    WordPress 5.4

    These are the only active plugins that we have. 

    To be more precise when I go to Homepage section settings -> About settings and click the edit button, the edit window for changing the text and image thus not appear.... 


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    Your purchased our product one year ago, according to our term and condition.
    After completion of one year if you continue wants support and update , You need to renew your package subscription.
    More detail  read our  term and condition  link.


  • Hi 

    Than I advise you te remove the following sentence when you buy the theme. 

     ->Use theme for Lifetime<-

    Because I can not use it for a lifetime, because it does not work.

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  • Hi  Dear 
    You can  use theme life time but if you wants theme update and support need to renew your subscription.


  • Well the point is that when I want to use it for a life time I need the update and support....

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