Home page is not compatible with 2+ languages


I've tried to translate the page to English with 2 different plugins (WPML and Polylang) and have the same issue with both plugins. The default language is always Spanish, I translate into English with both plugins. It works for a few minutes to hours but if I change ANY little details on the web that has nothing to do with the home page, the language changes on one of the versions. Sometimes it's suddenly all in English, sometimes in Spanish.

I've spent so many hours trying to resolve the problem thinking it's plugins' fault but now I'm sure it's the theme's fault. Any other page is working great, products, condition, about us, the issue is on the first home page. And both plugins work great, it's the theme that disappoints a lot.


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    Hi @atmaisursystems

    Thanks for your patience, To make multilingual site.
    Download and install Polylang plugin .
    To make customzier field value multilingual  also download and install  Add Polylang support for Customizer Plugin 

    This Plugin provide option in customzier to make customzier field value multilangual. More help see the snapshot.

    Let me know for any confusion.


  • Hi 
    Did your  query resolved ?

  • Hi @prime

    Is there anything similar for WPML? I've already changed from Polylang to WPML and don't want to translate again the website. 

    Kind regards
  • It happened again!

    Made some changes yesterday, and it's all in English. 

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