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I'd like to riorder the sections in the home, but I have seen that in the in Appearance > Customize > Theme Layout Manager all sections are present except one: #call-to-action. I enclosed a print screen of both the names of all sections taken from your website (https://helpdoc.spicethemes.com/innofit-plus/homepage-section-settings-2/#innofitCalloutsection_innofit_plus) - image "section.png" - and the sections I see in my WP Admin panel - image "ordering.png".

Is it possible to move the #call-to-action section too? Could you help me please?


345 x 550 - 8K
433 x 750 - 38K


  • HI 
    Yes #call to action section not available in theme layout manager section.
    By default it is associated with pricing section. When you move pricing section call to action also moved and show below pricing section.
    If you want to disable this section or want to move below any other section tell me.
    I will provide you code to move/disable  the   #call to action section.

    Let me know for any confusion. 


  • Hi,

    That was fine. I moved the pricing section (even if diabled) and the #call-to-action moved to. 
  • Hi 
    Okay Great!
    Look forward see you again at scicethemes.

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