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hello, thanks for your work

I am using this "WP Multilang" plugin, it is handy !! but it looks like it is not supported by the theme, I can not translate the main page - Template: Business Template, in all languages the same content, although there is a menu to switch!

This is true?
how can my question be solved without installing other multilingual plugins?


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    HI @server
    Thanks for using  our theme. Our theme is translation ready, With the help of the theme any one can make Multilingual website. The theme is compatible with polylang plugin.
    Why you are using "WP Multilang plugin , pls use polylang plugin instead of  "WP Multilang" plugin .
    More help read theme help docs link  .


  • I installed "polylang" but the problem persists, how can I change the languages in the predefined templates? if i choose Template: Business Template, i cant translate it in different languages?
  • HI @server
    We have checked theme with polylang plugin and translation working well at our end.
    Pls firstly add your desired content for respective section then go to Language Tab>> String Translation >> Find the customizer data would you want to translate .
    More help see the snapshot

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • now i figured out how it works, thanks!
  • Hi,
    Glad to help you!
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