"read more" button doesn't work anymore

Hi, since a few weeks the read more button doesn't work anymore on blog posts. This button is simply ignored. That means nothing happens when I insert this one. But for old blog posts it still works. Does anybody have an idea what this could be? Merci 


  • Hi
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    If possible share your website url.
  • www.nagelbestattungen.de

  • the last blogposts i used a site break instead a read more .... cause it was not working
  • HI I have seen your website url. https://www.nagelbestattungen.de/blog/ Its showing blank page, pls correct it and tell me. Thanks
  • You're right. There's a problem with the website. I'll contact you as soon as it's fixed. Thank you for pointing that out.
  • The link should work now https://www.nagelbestattungen.de/blog/ ... The problem persists. The "read on" function does not work. 
  • Hi 
    This is happening bz you added page break  in post editor instead of  more tag .

    If you want to show read more button pls  remove page break tag and add more tag. 

    Let me know for any confusion. 


  • that's the problem with the whole thing. the "read more" tag doesn't work. that's why i used the "page break" tag. if there is no page break in it, the article will be displayed completely on the home page.

    look again at the page ... i have removed page breakt and added read more
  • HI 
    Read more button is working at our end, Let me know are you using any plugin if yes kindly deactivate all plugin one by one  and check your issue resolved or not bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme.


  • If you scroll further down on the blog page, you will see a blog post "Weitere 5 wichtige Fragen rund ums Erben – und deren Antworten" ... there the read more tag works ....
    why does it work there ... and the rest does not ...
  • I have now additionally deactivated and reactivated the plugins one by one ... there is no difference... read on does not work
  • Hi
    If possible send me your wordpress admin detail at my email address .


    So that we can check what's going wrong with your end.

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