Customizer suddenly doesn't work for gallery, team, client settings ...

The Customizer suddenly doesn't work.

For example, I cannot add, edit or delete gallery, team, client settings in the home page settings section.

The Published button is grayed out and the Delete button does not respond.

I think it happened after the update to worpdess 5.5.

has anyone done this before?


  • I have the same problem after update to Wordpress 5.5.

    all section contents can no longer be updated. Since I am currently building a new website, this is very annoying

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    Hi @codemaster @aimonkeygrip
    Thanks for mentioning the issue.Sorry for your inconvenience.
    Its a jQuery issue with WordPress version 5.5. In the current version of WordPress removed jQuery Migration support.
    So that it conflicts with an older version of our theme. 
    We have fixed the issue in the new release of the theme. Pls update the theme with the latest version, Download the latest theme from our  amember account. 

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hi Prime

    It doesn't work with the latest version either. Now the footer callout is suddenly on top and the buttons have no effect. you still can't add new services. Sorry, but for me it's not fixed yet.
  • I have the same problem and it's a little annoying not to be able to change it
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    Our user @clfberlin are getting same issue, After updating package, this  client issue resolved.Refer below link.
    Pls update theme with 3.0.1 and update wordpress to 5.5. 

    Feel free to contact us, If still you have issue.


  • Hi,

    My website has been updated with the latest version, 5.5. and the theme is also updated with version 3.0.1 but I am still having issues, and need help getting it to work.
  • Hi, it works, Chache Problems... clean the Cache now works, thanks
  • Yes, it works :-)

    Thanks a lot 
  • Hi @aimonkeygrip @johnriel
    Glade to know that its resolved ?


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