Problem With Edit Slider home

Hello, I have a problem with the template being specified in the slider of the home, I can not add or remove sliders and when I want to make and makeover also does not see reflect the change, is there any way to fix this detail?


  • Hi @inverser_digial
    Thanks for contacting to us.Sorry for your inconvenience.
    Its a jQuery issue with Wordpress version 5.5. In the current version of WordPress removed jQuery Migration support.
    So  that its conflict with older version of our theme. 
    We have fixed the issue in new released of the theme. Pls update the theme with latest version , Download the latest theme from our amember account. 

    Let me know for any confusion.


  • Thanks Prime, I will carry out the update as you indicate, an additional question, can this change be made on the internal version of the template?

  • edited August 17
    No, It will not make any change in the internal version of template  if you don't make change in core theme file.
    If you directly made changes in template file, Your changes will lost when you update theme.
    Pls  use child theme to prevent lost of changes.

  • Hello, I made the changes as you mentioned but if I lost information, no problem, the problem arises that I want to add more images in the services section of the home and change the images of the carousel that is also in the home, there is a way to change it? If it's through and code can also tell me, thank you
  • HI 
    Pls update theme with latest version, after updating version you  are able to add more services and carousel image.

  • Hello, excuse the ignoring, the last version you mention ebebe the Pdre or the son, because I did and none let me make the change, I appreciate the comment
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    Hi  @inverser_digial
    I don't understand your last comment pls more  clear.


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