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Regards! I come to you because I need help with the following:
My website is and I need to make the following changes:
1. The anchors are in English, I need to be able to place them in Spanish to call the different sections of my page
2. After the About section, I generated a copy of the html that is inserted to show images and content in that section, I copy them and add them through "Innofit Hooks" but I would like the image that is associated with " Mission "is not displayed on the left side of the page, but on the right side and the text would go from the right side to the left.
3. For the section "certifications" I would like the text that is before the title to be displayed in the way that the description is shown before the title in each section.

Thanks! :)


  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Never bundle multiple query in single thread bz it create complexity to handle better support query. 
    So always open new ticket for each query.
    For your first query, To translate anchor link in your  own language there is only one way need to change id  value in respective  section file. 
    For this need to edit in plugin core file.
    Like to change service section anchor link value , Find the services-section.php file located in your plugin folder >> inc\functions\sections find the file.
    Edit the file  and find the below line of code on line no 76. 

    <section class="section-module services" id="services">

    And change id value in your own language.

    <section class="section-module services" id="servicios">

    Repeat  process for all section, all section  file located in the sections  folder.

    For your #2 and #3 query pls open new ticket.

    Let me know for any confusion.


  • Changes applied successfully. Actually I knew that I should apply that change, but I did not know where the files were located, I had looked for them in the theme editor.
    Thanks for the support and I proceed to create the other tickets.
  • Glad to help you.

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