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Regards! I come to you because I need help with the following:
My website is and I need to make the following change:
I turned the portfolio section into a gallery to show some important images of the web page, however the section did not have a description section as in the other sections that have titles and subtitles, so add a text through innofit hooks And I keep the title "Certifications of Our Winery" very separate from the subtitle.
Can this subtitle be uploaded?

Thanks in advance


  • HI
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    Pls disable your website maintenance mode.So that we can take a look of your website and assist you better.

  • Regards! The website is no longer in maintenance mode.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi 
    Thanks for disabling maintenance mode, Now understood your query.
    Pls see the snapshot and confirm me are you want to reduce gap/space I have indicated  inside the snapshot. 
    Pls see the above snapshot and confirm.

  • Thank you! If indeed the idea is that the information shown as a description before the Title "Our certifications" is closer, as in the other sections of the page.
  • edited August 22
    For this add the below css code inside the Appearance > customizer >> Additional css box.

    section#certificaciones-bodega {
        padding: 0;

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Done with that and that section is ready. Thank you
  • Glad to help you.

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