I can NOT edit my main page (SLIDER SETTINGS is not working)

Hi, Everyone! 

Please, could anyone give some help? I can NOT edit/change my main page because in Appearence/Slider Settings I can NOT change anything. I can NOT delete anyone slide. 

I've just downloaded the new version of SpicePress Pro. But this did not work. 





  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    We already resolved this  issue, Refer this ticket link.
    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hi, Prime. 

    Thank you for your help BUT I've just made this update to the newest version of the theme SpycePress Pro but It did not work. I keep getting no changes in Slider Settings. 

    Could you verify? 


  • Hi 
    Pls clear your browser cache  and check your issue resolved or not.

  • YEAH, Prime! 

    Now it works! Great, my distant friend. I'd ever done this cache cleaning before but it did not work (hours ago). I did it again (chache cleaning) and works right now. But I know what causes this very long delay. My internet carrier, named 'NET', in Brazil sets a kind of cache of net LAN to all clients so besides the cache of my Chrome or Firefox, I have that one of the LAN. This gives me constant headaches. 

    Well, thank you so much again, Prime. 

  • Hi,
    Glad to help you!
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