Add own content blocks to "Business template"

I would like to add my own "content blocks" to the "Business Template", but theres no widget areas to do so. Anything I can do? If not is it then possible to add the header slider to any other template with a shortcode?


  • Hi, @soerenbj

    Thanks for contacting us!

    There is a hooks feature in our theme, with the help of this you can add a sections or blocks in the "Business Template".
    Refer to the below help article of how to add blocks using hooks.

  • Alright. But then it does not inariage the width of the page or anything....honestly I think I need to be a developer to use this function. You would make it much easier for non-developers if you just left a couple of empty widget areas.
  • Do you have any hook-example-code that follows the page with? Or any other way I can get on with this...
  • Think I found out by adding the following div + class:

    <div class="container"> <h1>lorem ipsum</h1> </div>
  • Yes use the class "container" for the correct width.
    And thanks for you suggestion of the empty widget areas, we will definitely think about it and if possible add this in the future updates.

  • Hi,

    Is the above solution works for you?

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