New Version 3.1 - Possible issue

Hi Prime! 

After uploading this new version of the theme (3.1), one of my two site, faced a issue never related before. 
At 'Slider Settings', there is a place where we can upload some picture to be the cover of that page. I made it. 

When I saw the result in my main page (See attached "1.jpg"), this image was totally blured. It seems that the new version of the template re-sizes the images that we send to an '300_120' size. (Please, see pictures below). 

But I manage this issue by uploading the image straight forward my server image folder and I paste this address (the direct address of the image) into the place in 'Slider Setting' where we should upload an image or paste some image address. (Please "2.jpg"). 

This procedure fixed out my issue. 

I am telling you because, perhaps, someone else could face this behavior. 

Thank you so much for your pretty help. 


1920 x 1080 - 321K
1920 x 1080 - 479K
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