Site identity logo i unclear/blurry

Hi SpicePress Team
I have a site underconstruction, and I really love your theme, but somehow the site idendity logo is displayed/cropped to a crappy quality is displayed unclear not matter what quality image I uploade. Please help, the current quality is renders the site useless :-(
Link to site: password: "qwerty" 


  • Attatched a photo in show the unclear logo
    2999 x 1264 - 6M
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    Hi jessstaus

    If you want to the bigger logo then you have to customize the code. For this Download, code snippet plugin install and activate . And kindly paste the below code in code snippet plugin like the screenshot

    //Custom logo
    function spicepress_customlogo() {
    add_theme_support( 'custom-logo', array(
    'height'      => 100,
    'width'       => 300,
    'flex-height' => true,
    'header-text' => array( 'site-title', 'site-description' ),
    ) );
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'spicepress_customlogo', 11 );

    You can change the logo height and width as your need.

    After this kindly again upload the logo.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Nope, the logo is still inclear and the top-menu now jumps down belo the logo 
  • HI 
    I have visit you website logo showing perfect. See the snapshot
    Pls change logo width and height  as your need. Also clear your browser cache.

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