Menu - Malfunction in Smartphone-Mode

Dear Team

I have problems with the menu because it's impossible to click menu points in a deeper level.
In Desktop-Mode everything works fine, also in iOS-Devices.
In Android or when I make the browser smaller on my PC to test the Smartphone-Mode I have function problems.
I have setup a demo version for you here
Please try to click "Unternehmen > Geschichte" on a PC in a small Browser-Window with Smartphone-Screensize.
Or try "Dienstleistungen > Geomatik > ....." on a Android- Smartphone or -Tablet.

I need your help.




  • Hi, @migg123

    It's happening because of "Unternehmen" has a link. Try to create a custom menu link for "Unternehmen" without assigning any link for it, then after assign other sub-menu links under "Unternehmen". Like as in the screenshot.

    Let me know did it work.

  • I have removed the redirecting links and changed the menu, "Unternehmen" is now an empty Custom Link.

    Please open ant then make the Browser small to a Smartphone-Screensize.
    Now try to click "Unternehmen > Geschichte". The menu closes in the moment when the mouse enters this menu-area.

    What can I do?

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