Going Pro with Certify child theme


I just bought the Pro version of SpicePress, but it seems I have to redo all the customizing work I already did within my Certify child theme. I tried the live view of both the "SpicePress Pro WordPress Theme" and the "SpicePress Child Theme". Scared to activate either of them, because I don't want to redo everything. Is there a way to get access to the Pro features without having to start over?

(My website is http://www.partij42.nl).

Thanks in advance!


  • In other words, can I make my Certify theme point towards SpicePress PRO as it's main/mother theme?
  • HI 
    Thanks for contacting to us.
    The Certify is a child theme of spciepress lite, If you upgrade theme with pro , The  Spicepress Pro theme have all the feature of  spicepress lite  , certfiy child theme and  some additional feature .
    So conclusion is that after upgrading theme no need to use certify child theme. 
    To set up content in our theme pls read theme help docs link.

    Let us know for any confusion.

  • HI 
    Did your query resolved ?

  • Yes, thank you for your help! I found all the theme options within the Pro version :)
  • Hi @nanieke
    Glade to know that its resolved!
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