Service section pop up doesn't work

Hi to everyone, i make a new ticket because the old one didn't work.

I have Hustle, a pop up pluggin, i make a pop up, clickable one, and i put the cod ("[hustle id....]") inside the service box, but it dosen't work.

How can i resolve these problem?


  • Pleas, close the old one if u have to close one

  • Hi toffa97

    We have checked the shortcode working perfectly on our end. So please once check to add another plugin shortcode and check that one is working or not if another plugin shortcode not working or not. If not then please share your temporary site admin details so we can check this on your end 


  • Hi abhishek,
    I added the php code that u give me to my child-theme directory (from the old discussion): if u watch this second image i show u that it doesn't work (using an other pluggin).

    I sent to u a temporary profile data, pleas allert me when u log inside... in this way i'll not work on the site in u same session.

    ps. allert me when u finish too. thanks!!!!!:)
    Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 14.14.58.png
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