1 click call under home page title.

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Hi to everyone!
How are You?=

I have a simple question, is possible to put a "1 click call" under the title on my site ambulatoriofedro.it?? Where there is cellulare and telefonO


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    Hi toffa97

    Please let me confirm are you want to like the screenshot http://prntscr.com/lji0o0.

    OR you want to clickable the mobile no.   Telefono: 045 7153166 – Cellulare: 340 2580862

  • The second, if a client click on the phone number, i'd like (as u can see from the coopyright section) to start the call:

    i used here the <a href tel:045 7153166........> code....
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    Hi  toffa97

    For this kindly add the below attached folder inside the spicepress pro child theme directory.

    And paste the below code in WordPress tagline field.

    <a href="tel:045 7153166">Telefono: 045 7153166</a> - <a href="tel:340 2580862">Cellulare: 340 2580862</a>

    Let me know did it work.

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