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Hi to everyone!
First of all, have a god Diwali Festival. 

I have this site:

As u can see, the title in the home section is not very good. could you make a css for move the item as the attached image?

The green one total on the left, and the red on the center.

And in total i want that this part is max 100/150 px. How can i manipulate the hight of the section?


  • Hi toffa97

    Currently your site is in coming soon mode please disable your coming soon mode you we can take a look and assist you better.

    Note: We are on DIWALI festival holidays. So we can not reply you timely.

  • Ehy, do u have news?
  • is possible make the blu image smaller?
  • Hi toffa97

    Sorry for the delay response. We are unable to see your attached image now. If possible please share that again so we can help you better and also indicate the blue image .

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